MTB MTB Tilt Stage
Movement direction-2 direction
Table size : 30、60、80 (mm)
Travel stroke : ±20
★ Transmission parts- Feeding screw. It is suitable for simple precise tuning.
★ Material – Aluminum Alloy
S000276 Positioning Stage Quantity: 0 Set


Tilt Stage
Movement direction-2 direction
Table size : 30、60、80 (mm)
Travel stroke : ±20
★ Transmission parts- Feeding screw. It is suitable for simple precise tuning.
★ Material – Aluminum Alloy


Model no.


Table size (mm)

Travel stroke (mm)

Loading (kgf)

Weight (kg)


2 directions






2 directions






2 directions






Characteristic of Different Guiding Type
Slide Way Structure Characteristic Application

Moving Accuracy

Load Capacity


Crossed Roller

The slide rail consists of two hardened V-grooves with fine ground surface and crossed roller bearings. This is sutable for precise movement device in high accuracy and high capacity, optical instruments in precise gauging and fine tuning, various machine tools, gauging instruments, precise positioning and quantitative movment…etc. Excellent Excellent Excellent

Linear Ball

Slide way and body is in one unit, and Gothic arc-groove ground precisely to meet requirement of high parallism and high flatness. Gothic arc-groove formed by dual arc-grooves individually on upper and lower rails of body. Ball moving in single groove is structured by 2 points – contact, and total 4 contact points in dual arc-groove to form strong rail construction. In case of rails of SUS-STAGE is to set ball assembly in arc-groove to save traditional adjustment and revision time. In addition, without adjustment screw would save accuracy problem and maintenance time caused by loosen screw, and cheaper as well.  Applied to precise positioning device in high accuracy and mid-capacity, product and design integrated system,  optical experiment, precise transportation and fine tuning mechanism application. Excellent Good Good
Dovetail Plane-Pinion and Rack
(Main material: Brass or aluminum alloy) GMT supplies proper models suitable to be equipped to various modules such as small, coarge or fine turn, larger size for installation etc. Driven-adjustment mode is rack and pinion. Apply to higher working frequency, requirement of faster movement and larger stroke.
Screw-Driven Plane
(main material: brass)Prepared by easy-carry standard and slide type fit for inner set mode. Driven adjustment mode is screw shaft mode. Apply to lower frequency, fine tuning environment.
It is applied to optical instruments and equipments, sampler, detecting device, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, test machine, microscope, transiting machine, machinig center, medical instrument, printer and others. Fair Good Excellent
XY Simplified Stage Round sticks on two sides are applied to support middle transmission construction:
Feeding Screw Type
To move stage table by push-and-press from screws, and to restrain gap produced by using springs tensile force. It’s the type suitable for light loading and accuracy feeding application.
Threading Type
The stage table is moved by thread which has been crossed through to the table. The stage is suitable for heavier loading compared to feeding screw with spring transmission type.
The product is applied to fixture, camera, sensor, nozzle, and guiding groove of the conveyor, those equipments don't require high accuracy adjustment. Fair Fair Fair



The Main Feeding Mode of Mini Stages
Main Feeding Mode Characteristics A Crcle Movement of Handle Rotation Applied for Guiding Device

Rack and Pinion


●Suitable for high speed mass feed.

●Not suitable for precise positioning.


17~20 mm ● Dovetail

Feeding Screw


● Use precise threadscrew pitch to proceed simple precise moving.

0.25~1 mm

● Dovetail

● Crossed roller

●Linear ball bearing

Micrometer Head

● Precise Reading Unit: 0.01mm is suitable for precise tuning.  0.5 mm


● Crossed roller

● Linear ball bearing

Rough Slightly Moving Micrometer Head

● Divided into rough moving (general feeding) and slight moving (micro feeding) use.

● It’s a special feeding  device and a bit costly.

● Differential motion structure for slightly transmission. 

Coarse tuning:0.5 mm

Fine tuning:0.025mm

●Linear ball bearing

● Crossed roller



Feeding Position



Products specifications
Transmission Parts Feeding Screw
Material Aluminum Alloy
Model No. MTB

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