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Driver Specification


Model  i-SERVO (GMT5020-ST2)  
power DC 24V±10% GMT5020-ST2 rated 2A, maximum 4A
DC 48V±10% GMT5020-ST2 rated 2A, maximum 4A
Rated Output Current  GMT5020-ST2、2A (o-peak)   
Max. Output Current GMT5020-ST2、3A (o-peak)   
Motor 2-phase bipolar stepping motor With encoder   
Driver Method PWM trip drive  
Quadrant Four quadrants  
Interface  Input: Digital input * 5, mechanical sensor input + LM, -LM, ORG
Analog input * 1, encoder input (A, B, Z)
Output: digital output * 4, Compare ou t * 1, brake output (dedicated for braking)
Digital output / entry can be freely specified
 Detail of Digital Iutput SERVO ON (Servo On) / START (motor start / stop)
/ RESET (reset) SELECT PROGRAM (4 bit)
/ CONT MODE (switching control mode)
 Detail of Digital Output /IN POSTISION,ALARM,/TORQUE LIMIT  
LED Indicators Power supply, alarm, motor rotation 3 types
Communication I/F RS485, up to 16 nodes
MODBUS agreement, baud rate 19200bps (default)
(9600bps ~ 115200bps)
Control Mode  Position control mode
Speed control mode
Torque control mode
Under pressure control mode
According to command pulse positioning (RS485 / external pulse command)
Digital command (resolution ± 1/350 or more)
Digital command (resolution ± 1/350 or more)
Position control, torque control in speed control
Load inertia Less than 20 times the motor inertia In position/speed control
Dimension of board W80 x D116 x H20  
Operating temperature / humidity 0 to 50˚C, less than 85% RH  No condensation
Air Prevent away from corrosive gases  
 specifications in position control 
Position mode (four modes) 1)Full Time Closed Mode
2) Dual Mode (set the speed below Open, set the speed above Closed)
3) Full Time Open Mode
4) Stepping Closed Loop Mode
Open for micro-stepping drive, so the encoder
The resolution of the position accuracy will not be compensated. 
Position accuracy Encoder resolution ± 1 Pulse  
Instruction maximum frequency 900 (Kpps)         A/B  
Electronic gear A=1~10000 B=1~10000 Dual mode can not be set 
Feedforward 0~100(%)  
Positioning completion range(Inposition) 0~±1000  
Maximum count exception range ±1~2147483647  
Speed control specifications
Speed command Digital value (PPS)  The number of revolutions varies depending on the encoder resolution
Speed control ratio 500: 1 or more  
Command direction of rotation Digital input (DIR)          parameter  
start /stop Digital input (START)                         parameter  
Acceleration and deceleration function n x MAXrpm x 0.125ms                 Parameters n: 0 ~ 10  No acceleration / deceleration when n = 0 
Torque control specifications 
Torque command Digital value (PPS)  
Variable torque range 0~100.00%  
Speed limit Digital value (RPM)  
Command direction of rotation Digital input (DIR)                             parameter  
start /stop Digital input (START)                         parameter  
Under pressure control specifications
System form Position control mode is now under pressure        Speed control mode is now under pressure  
Press the torque command value Digital value (x0.1%) 100.0% for the motor rated torque 
Variable torque range 0 ~ 100.0%  


Standard motor + drive combination

Product Model Motor model Drive model
i-SERVO-ST-20M-GM TM-20M-G GMT5020-ST2-20M
i-SERVO-ST-25M-GM TM-25M-G GMT5020-ST2-25M
i-SERVO-ST-28M-GM TM-28M-G GMT5020-ST2-28M
i-SERVO-ST-35M-GM TM-35M-G GMT5020-ST2-35M
i-SERVO-ST-42M-GM TM-42M-G GMT5020-ST2-42M
i-SERVO-ST-42L-GM TM-42L-G GMT5020-ST2-42L
i-SERVO-ST-56M-GM TM-56M-G GMT5020-ST2-56M
i-SERVO-ST-56L-GM TM-56L-G GMT5020-ST2-56L

※ Motor can be provided separately with Encoder


Motor specifications

Model Motor model
Encoder resolution
Rated torque
Maximum torque
Rotational inertia(g*cm2) Starting torque
Motor shaft
TM-20M-G □20 x 56 6,400 TBD 36 2.9 2 70 4
TM-25M-G □25 x 50.5 9,600 106mNm 140 4 5 120 5
TM-28M-G □28 x 50.5 9,600 106mNm 140 4 5 120 5
TM-35M-G □35 x 61 12,800 TBD 280 40 10 300 5
TM-42M-G □42 x 58 16,000 300mNm 550 75 16.7 370 5
TM-42L-G □42 x 70 16,000 TBD 690 162 30 560 5
TM-56M-G □56 x 60 16,000 706mNm 900 180 29 620 5
TM-56L-G □56 x 87 16,000 TBD 1530 490 60 1150 5

 ※ Encoder can choose to use (Option)

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