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★ Minimize design:Drive volume is reduced, saving the space of wiring.
★ Low voltage DC input in the range of 24 ~ 48V.
★ Variable control mode:Pulse control mode、Communication control mode、PIO mode.
★ Absolute accuracy correction Error Map function:With optical scale input, corrected by laser interferometer, improving the absolute positioning accuracy.
★ Freedom control:Improving follow-up response and anti-interference.
★ 4 sets of low frequency and 4 sets of notch filter:Improving the issues of noise and vibration.

DKM Servo Motor Driver:With 23-bit absolute encoder AC servo motor, high resolution and high positioning accuracy.

DKL Linear Motor Driver:With linear motor and optical scale (ABZ), achieving the requirement of controlling closed loop.

DKD DD Motor Driver:With 19-bit multi-turn absolute encoder DD motor drive, able to control multi-turn movement and position.

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